Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Annie Journey

It is with mixed emotions that we approach the end of Annie. It has been an amazing journey. I have to admit there is definitely some relief. We have all been living Annie for months, and it will be nice to have our other lives back. By the end of the run, I will only have missed two performances and Brandon one, all three missed due to work. (and torturous to us!) We never intended on going to every one, but after opening night we couldn't imagine there being a show and us not being there.
More than relief is sadness, though. It has really been a blast. I have loved seeing my little Phoebe on the stage, I have loved how my children have all been excited and supportive, quoting the lines and singing the songs, and I have loved going on date after date to the theater with Brandon. In all sincerity, I have loved everything about it.
But mostly I feel gratitude. Brandon and I were talking on the way home from the show on Monday about how we don't even know where to begin to express the gratitude we feel towards so many people.
Starting with the director, Melanie, whose talent is mind boggling. I can't believe all the time, effort and creativity it takes to put together a show. She blows me away. Going into it, we never dreamed that Phoebe would end up playing the part of Annie, really. But for Melanie to see her talent, and more than that her potential, I will be forever grateful. Phoebe has learned and has grown so much.
Phoebe and the orphans also had an amazing voice teacher, Tami. She worked with the orphans all summer and did a few one on one sessions with Phoebe that helped her tons.
The orphans. Wow. Such talented little girls. I could do a separate post just about the orphans...I love every one of them! And there was absolutely no cattiness, or jealousy or being mean, like you might expect in the world of tween performing girls. I could tell you something I love about each one of those little girls. I'll miss their hugs, the teasing and singing and dancing and silliness. Phoebe has made lifelong friends in those girls.
The cast in general. What awesome people. Once again, very talented, but such good, good people, who loved and were all so good to Phoebe.
And her Daddy Warbucks, I definitely can't express my gratitude towards him. SO talented, but one of the nicest guys in the world. He and Phoebe really love each other just like Annie and Daddy Warbucks! He was always so easy for her to act with, and she always felt really comfortable around him. He made her the sweetest card for her birthday...I think we may have actual tears shed on closing night!
And my Abby girl. We only got an outside babysitter once throughout all the performances. Abby was there and willing to tend fridays, saturdays, and monday nights for more than a month. She turned down things with her friends because she knew we needed her to tend, but she never complained once. Honestly. I owe her BIG TIME!
I'm also thankful for each of you, and many more family and friends who don't read my blog, who took the time to go up to see the show. Believe me, I know it takes some effort to go to things like this. Phoebe was always SO excited when she knew someone in the audience. And pardon me for advertising so much, but the most important part of community theater is the audience. I think there was someone in the audience from South Weber at every performance. NOT counting Brandon and me. Or my mom, for that matter...
All in all it was truly a remarkable experience. A 100% positive page, no chapter, in our lives that we are reluctant to leave behind us. We can't help but wonder, what is next for Phoebe Jane?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

summer photo wrap up

I did ok at the daily photo goal I set for myself at the first of the summer. Sometimes the kids would take the pictures, and as I look back those are the ones I like the best because they really capture the summer from their point of view. Also, most of the pictures were taken with my phone. I just could not get in the habit of carrying my camera around, and even when I did have it in my purse it was easier to snap a pic with my phone. Not as high quality, but still served the purpose. I'll share a few faves...(quite a few, actually) so I can move on to the next stage of the year.

We'll start with my favorite pizza topping of the summer. This little treat makes the best homemade pizza EVER. Just add mozzarella...and maybe some thinly sliced tomato.
This has definitely been our Annie summer. This was a parade on July 5th that the orphans (who don't really look like orphans) rode in.
What Odie does in his spare time. Plays with his "guys" by the bookshelf.

Buggy loves her some monkey bars. LOVES...
The bumper boats at boondocks. These were SO much fun. This picture makes me laugh because we were all able to park our boats and climb out and we turn around and there's Willie driving around in the middle of the pool still, looking for a parking place. hahahaha!
Odie enjoyed cotton candy on my birthday. Oh how he loves candy cotton...
Lucy's first cavity. Don't see this look on her face much. Luckily little Olivia the Pig brought a lot of comfort.
We absolutely adore Baby Zuri...seriously, we could stare at her allllll day...
Lucy and her super cute friend Scout at the Little Buckaroo Rodeo. Love that Rodeo! (And those girls)
And this would be Will on...hmmm....looks like Frontierville? But I'm not sure. Taken by Lucy or Owen. Notice the dirty sock right next to the computer. I'm an awesome housekeeper.
Looking like the grouch on his shirt...pretty sure he really liked the ride, and the day, just not me taking his picture?
A really bad and dark picture of some really cute (and super talented) orphans...it's been so fun to see this coming together. These are seriously some talented little girls. Every one of them.

Go Strikers. ..Need I say more? (taken by Lucy or Owen)
SO proud of my two berry pickers. Many a morning they got themselves (or each other) up and out to pick while I was still in bed.

Funny Lucy and Odie LOVE the mini carts at Good Earth. Odie couldn't even contain his excitement long enough to pose.

And that's a wrap! Now that I got all that off my chest, I'll be able to move on to back to school pictures... :)


I shed a few tears today. It started with Odie, who told me he didn't want a goodnight kiss but then as soon as I walked away he changed his mind. That part was fine, he does it all the time--tries to get away with things and then changes his mind when he sees it doesn't work. But later, when I went to check on him after he was asleep and he was snug as a bug wrapped in his blankie in only his pull-up, it was too sweet for words. And I thought about him coming into my bed a couple mornings ago, with blanket lines on his face and his little morning breath, "I had a dream that reminded me of school shopping" he said. I laughed, because he's 3. What does he possibly know about school shopping? Then we snuggled.

I shed a tear for my Abby girl, who has been getting herself out of bed long before I'm awake to help Uncle Marvin in the garden all week long, and had such a cheerful wave for me as she sat between her grandpa and great uncle in the pick up truck on the way home from the farmer's market today. What 14 year old does that? She amazes me, that girl. Always has, and I think she always will.

I shed one for Willie, who had a birthday party to go to on this, the last day of summer. I walked down to pick him up and he grinned at me. He barely turned his head to tell his friend goodbye, he is SO shy. We walked away holding hands. He likes for our fingers to be intertwined when we hold hands.

I shed one for Phoebe, who in one week will become Annie, and perform on stage for hundreds of people. Phoebe, my girl who would cry and cry when it was time for preschool or dance or even playdates, she was so scared to leave my side. Now she is doing something I would never dare do. She is so brave, and so amazingly talented.

And I shed one for Lucy, because she starts kindergarten on monday and it's killing me. That little sassafrass has been by my side for YEARS...and I know it's just for a few hours each day, but it is killing me, 'cause I know just how much she is going to grow and change. Mostly I keep thinking of how we used to cuddle on my bed every wednesday afternoon last school year and have a "rest"...she has always loved to cuddle me, and on wednesdays after my dinner for dinner group was ready to go and I got Odie down for his nap, we would snuggle up and read a book or two and sleep the afternoon away. Okay, maybe I shed 2 tears for that...
I hate to see summer end. I really, really do. Tonight we grilled pizzas and sat outside until dark, all the kids chattering and singing and tumbling and dancing and climbing and swinging all at once until we were good and ready to put them to bed, and then we did, and now summer is over, just like that. And I'm already missing it...

Friday, July 9, 2010


One of our fun activities at the 4th of July Extravaganza was karaoke.
Odie enjoyed a blue frosted cupcake...

Gram singing some 5o's song about Johnny most likely....
Don't know who was singing here, but Gram was obviously enjoying the song.
Below, Shaury and Abby were singing while Gram and Will cut a rug.

Brandon rocking out to guess what?.....Taylor Swift's Fifteen. (Not what you thought, right?)

Hoping to post more about our 4th weekend--we'll see!

Monday, July 5, 2010

day camp

This would be my photo from Friday July 2. Willie went to Cub Scout Day Camp. He looked forward to it all week, had to get up early to go, and when he got home told me he did "lots of stuff" but had no specific information for me...He does look cute in his scout uniform, though.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

technical difficulties

For the past few days I haven't been able to access my google account--it wouldn't let me change over from Brandon's. I have still been taking photos, however, but right now I can't find the one I want from yesterday. This one is from the quilt shop hop my mom took her 3 oldest granddaughters on 2 weeks ago. She sent me the pictures, and this is the only one with her in it with the girls. Cute. They always have a ton of fun. My girls honestly look forward to it all year--I don't know when Lucy gets to join them...

Monday, June 21, 2010

the arnell world cup: USA vs. Argentina

I think I'm going to get a bit behind on my pictures of the day. This is from Sunday, but I had to post these. The name Arnell is pretty much synonymous with Soccer--we had an awesome world cup game on Father's day. And don't think just because there are some tiny guys and gals out there that anyone went easy on them at all. These are Arnells. But the little ones gave it right back, too, and didn't feel a bit picked on. It was awesome, except I was cheering for the US (girls) and they lost to Argentina (boys) 5-4. And perhaps next time I will have my actual camera that is much better at taking action shots. Brandon was too hammered from the Ragnar to play, and I'll use that for my excuse this time, too. ;)
p.s. Is it just me, or do these pictures prove what a ball hog Adam is? ;)